Focaccia with spring onions, olives and anchovies

Recipe for: 4 people


600 g spring onion
100 g desalted anchovies
100 g olives
10 g Olitalia P.D.O. Umbria extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

For the dough:

½ kg flour
15 g yeast
300 ml sparkling water
30 g Olitalia P.D.O. Umbria extra virgin olive oil
5 g salt
80 g malt


Cut the spring onions into julienne strips, brown them in a pot with the anchovies and Olitalia P.D.O. Umbria extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper and the olives. Prepare the dough: mix all the ingredients except for the flour. Place the flour in a flat pan, add the liquid ingredients and kneed until an even mixture is achieved. Let the dough rise in a bowl covered with plastic wrap until its volume doubles, shape at will. Let it rise for another 15 minutes then flatten with your fingers. Let it rise another 30 minutes and bake it at 200°C (390°F) for about 10 minutes. Add the spring onion and finish baking, then add the olives and anchovies.

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